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Are you NightSafe


The NiteSafe range of induction charging LED lights are designed to give you reassurance and a feeling of safety throughout the hours of darkness.

NiteSafe lights are practical, functional, of high quality and reliable. They are perfect for around the home or when travelling to light up your caravan, motor home or unfamiliar hotel room. There are several models to choose from and each one has slightly different features, assuring there is a model to suit your needs. From the moment you plug in your NiteSafe, you will soon wonder how you ever managed without it.

Power Failure

In the event of a power cut you get instant light with a fully charged torch that is easy to find and ready to use. No more fumbling about in the dark trying to find candles and matches or a torch only to find the batteries are low or dead.

Night Light

You will be able to move around safely during the hours of darkness with your way clearly lit. No need to disturb others by putting the "big light" on, and no tripping over obstacles left on the floor.The subtle night light will give your child reassurance and a feeling of safety during during the hours of darkness and there will be sufficient light for you to check up on them without disturbing them. No more children frightened of the dark or walking into obstacles when they wake in the night.


The Induction charging technology ensures you have a torch charged and ready for use whenever you need one. No more disappointment and frustration when you eventually find your torch only to find the battery is low or flat.

Task Light

Several models have a task light feature to instantly brighten up that dull work area; which is also ideal for focusing light on your project without disturbing others. No more fumbling about in that dark corner trying to fix a problem without sufficient light.

Safe and Reliable

NiteSafe magnetic induction charging technology is safe reliable, easy to use, quick to charge and inexpensive to run. No worrying about the cost and no more batteries to buy.

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