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We specialise in high quality Daylight Lighting & Magnification.

Posted on 04/04/16

We bring daylight indoors!

Our Daylight Lamps and Magnifiers are perfect for detailed tasks where good clarity and comfort are a necessity.

Our range of lamps and magnifiers are used in many lines of work from Dentistry and the NHS to Inspection, Tattooists and Reading lamps, Health & Beauty and for hobbies we cover Needlecraft , Sewing and Quilting, Woodcarving or Model Making. We have been working with the Macular Society to help many people with Macular Degeneration.

If you have a reduced level of vision that cannot be improved with glasses or any other treatment, you are said to have ‘low vision’ but by making good use of daylight lighting it is possible to continue with most activities. Good, well positioned task lighting can make a real difference to the way you use your vision. People are often pleasantly surprised at just how beneficial lighting can be – from enhancing the contrast of text, making print look blacker on a white background to, in some cases, helping to ‘break through’ the mistiness in their vision.

Lighting can also mean that you can reduce the level of magnification you need to see a particular size of print.